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We can look back on many years of professional experience in IT industry. During this time we encountered always again the following important topics “Communication and Motivation”, “User acceptance” and “Service” when implementing IT projects. The successful dealing with these subjects is crucial from our view of point and it is the reason why we have made the following guiding principles as the base of our actions.

Communication and Motivation
During the life time of an IT project normally people are working together with completely different business background, understanding and targets as well. There are decision makers evaluating the economic aspect very high. There are specialists focused on the problem solution and still the users desiring a simple and intuitive handling of the implemented resolution. We as IT service provider are in the centre of this area of conflict and expectations and our task is to capture all requirements as best we can.

The first goal is to raise the different viewpoints and perspectives on a common level. All project members have to understand each other. Understanding difficulties have to be clarified by an intelligible language. All ideas and requirements are equivalent until a later prioritization.

User Acceptance
It is very important to adapt the as correct identified IT solution to the working environment of employees, because critical for success is the user acceptance. It doesn’t mean no changes should happen but the people should be able to discover their ideas maybe their usual workflows in the preferred solution.

It is important to have an idea which people have to work with the new IT solution and what are their current workflows and working environment.

"IT" is a service
The IT service provider is always in danger to take itself too important. Finally, he appears not only as an implementer and problem solver, but also as a moderator. This can cause that the problem solution is no longer in the main focus and the creativity is more used to move technical innovation and technical subtlety in the centre of the project. The IT then becomes an end in itself. This can be avoided by a pragmatic approach that consider the technical possibilities within the framework of objective sense. Then the implemented IT solution matches the requirements as its best.

Our self-understanding it that IT technology is in all its facets a tool that is used to relief work, to streamline workflows and to reduce cost and time efforts.

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